Embracing the PNW snow 

Last winter I was on a PR campaign to show the world that Seattle did indeed see the sun in the winter. This year has been slightly different. I have spent many lazy Sundays staring out the window and cursing torrential downpours. But when it rains in Seattle, snow piles in the mountains. So this year, I finally purchased my own snow shoes, fell back in love with cross-country skiing and fully took advantage of my RAV4.

Bring it on, winter.


 Paradise, Mount Rainer

Hyak Snowshoe  

Snoqualmie Summit Nordic Center

Whistler, BC


  1. Wow! Fabulous, once again. Curiously, it hasn’t snowed enough here in the Twin Cities are to use my snowshoes, and your pics suggest I should get some poles. Thanks for another great post!

  2. OH HOW FUN! Not much snow here in Toronto either, so far… and no complaints from me. GREAT photos, as usual.

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