Fall reflections 

I’ve been reflecting a lot on happiness lately. On what drives it, where it comes from. On why dark clouds show up and how they disappear as sneakily as they arrive. These questions will never be answered. And maybe they shouldn’t. But I am certain that while careers and money and nice things may be nice, it’s really the small, intangible things that drive those blissful feelings we all chase. It’s the giddiness of new relationships, the feeling of a full heart after good conversation, a true sense of community, the take your breath away beauty of the mountains and full body exhaustion after a day of adventure. 

This is what I’ve been thinking about with a smile on my face driving home from recent adventures. 

Lake Ingalls   
North Cascades – Maple Pass    

Winthrop road biking    



  1. Very nice work…I’ve come to expect it of you.
    These images bring back a hike to the enchantments and Mt Stewart some forty years ago.
    Thanks for refreshing that memory.

  2. Perfection! I haven’t been up to this area for a long time. Your pictures make me want to go back very soon!

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