That Winter Adventure Itch 

I’m all about the new hygge trend these days. There’s no direct English translation, but Quartz sums up this Swedish word with:

The word evokes both coziness and togetherness. It’s not just cozy with a blanket and a glass of wine. It’s also interpersonally cozy—so having a few people with you talking about issues and things you care deeply about. Having some candles lit, maybe a nice warm drink in your hand. Feeling safe and content.

I don’t know if it was the election, a dramatic twist of personal events, or just the grey of winter, but this winter was all about the hygge. While I usually spend my Tuesdays planning out my next weekend adventure, this winter was all about slowing down. About giving grace for a 5 hour binge of TV for a Friday night. About practicing gratitude for friends — especially the ones that keep you sane in today’s 24 hour news cycle of “WTF just happened.” It was about trying new things and spending time with new, wonderful people. But in the midst of this cozy, “hygge” winter, there were a few stellar adventures with friends old and new. And on those days that we mustered the energy to summit a mountain, play in the snow, or stomp around the winter breaches of Oregon, those were great days indeed.


Yachats, Oregon Coast

Hex Mountain, Roslyn 

Snoqualmie Pass



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