Hidden Lake Lookout 

In my notes app I have an ongoing list of must-do hikes. I go in periodically and am usually pleasantly surprised by how many have already been done. But one hike stayed on that list for 2+ years — Hidden Lake Lookout. The 3 hour drive and rocky mountain road to the trailhead just always seemed a bit too much for a day hike. But this past weekend, I finally went for it with a group of my favorite hike-loving ladies.

Our alarms went off at 5:30am and we headed out before sunrise. The drive was insanely beautiful with the sun rising through the fog. Despite the sunshine in the forecast, it was a decidedly fall day. We caught a short rainstorm as we set off on the trail, but it quickly subsided less than a mile in as we came out of the woods. As the fog began to lift, we were greeted with some of the most stunning scenery I’ve seen on a hike. Peaks after peaks for 7 out of the 8 miles.

As we approached the lake, we scrambled up to the fire lookout — home to groups of campers each night — and took in the fine lunchtime views. The hike back down was made even better with completely clear and sunny skies.

Don’t wait for this one, the drive is completely worth it.



  1. Thank you for all these vicarious adventures I am privileged to take via your photos and narration, Jori. So breathtakingly beautiful!

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