“Winter” 2015 in Seattle 

To all the haters of winters in the Pacific Northwest, I give you proof that:

1. Climate change exists

2. A world exists where people would pick our NW winter over theirs

Thank you weather gods. I’ve got mad Northwest love this year. As a non-skier, I’ll take sunshine and snow-free hiking trails any day.

Here are a few snaps around town from a gorgeous winter in the Emerald city.


  1. Proof of my 3-year-proven argument….the Seattle weather wrap is a hyperbolic exaggeration! I love this post. It also proves that the PNW is so so WAY up there with the most stunning places on the planet. Oh Seattle, I’ll be back. Soak it all up for us, lovely lady.

  2. Just gorgeous! Climate change may be good for us but in the long run – bad for too many. However, I wouldn’t trade it for anywhere else. Thank you for sharing such beauty.

  3. You have a good eye for photography…keep it up. I enjoy seeing your work. Thomas

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  4. Again, your photography “takes me away,” Jori. So beautiful, a breath of Spring delivered to my inbox. Love it! ❤

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