In Search of New Summits

After spending the past five years constantly in search of new trails to explore, new lakes to see, and new mountain peaks to summit, the list of new options within a drive from Seattle start looking slim.

Two new trails topped my list this year – mt pilchuck and mt dickerman on the mountain loop highway. And with a forecast of sun and high 70s, yesterday was the perfect day to start tackling that list. First up: Mt Dickerman.

The drive alone is enough to wake up the senses — mountain peaks, crystal blue creeks, endless trees. The hike, with a tough 4.3 mile trek to the top, starts with constant switchbacks and a teasing view of distant peaks. But halfway through the trail opens up and the scenery is awe inspiring. On a clear day, you cannot beat the 360 views of glacier peak, mount baker and endless small peaks of the north cascades. A view that truly drives home why the NW is best.

It’s hard to do the views justice. Take a tour with this short video.

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