Can’t get enough of that Oregon coast vibe

If I had one happy place for 2015 it would be the Oregon Coast. From a sunny NYE celebration to kick off the year, to sister road trips, to impromptu weekend trips, I always feel happy, at ease and in awe of the beauty the coast delivers.

So when planning kicked off for this NYE celebration, there was no doubt our crew from last year needed to put our weekend on repeat. This time we traded our Neskowin digs for a condo in Oceanside and enjoyed another sunny celebration filled with the best of friends, too much champagne and chilly beach walks.

1 month later and I’m already ready to breathe in that salty air again.



  1. Hi, Jori. thanks for the “snap”. Excellent as usual. The Oregon coast is one of our favorites which we see all to seldom. Looks like a happy group. My mailbox is always open to your work. Thanks for remembering, Thomas >

  2. Another fabulous set of pics, and a vicarious trip back to one of my favorite places, too! I’ll have to take Tessy there sometime soon. Thanks again for sharing!

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