Winter Chill

A week ago I was hiking in the foothills of Los Angeles, feeling warm in a tank top and remembering what it feels like to live in a place without seasons.

One week later I was hit with reality, back in Seattle with weather we Seattleites don’t know what to do with — cold and sunny.

Feeling like it was a crime to stay inside, we bundled up to brace the mid 20’s temps and headed to Rattlesnake Ledge for a crisp hike.

After no less than four falls on the icy trail, we made it home in one piece — with rosy cheeks and piping hot chocolate in hand.

Cheers to kicking off winter.





  1. We left last Wednesday, when it was not quite as cold but still frozen and now we just watched the sunset over the Pacific Ocean while on our lanai on Maui. Winter – it’s all relative. Enjoy the sunshine.

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