Sister Time

Last week my sister Erika came in for a visit and I was able to sneak away during the week for a quick trip to Bainbridge. With the stormy rains this week, it’s hard to imagine we had such beautiful weather a few weeks ago. There’s nothing like a ferry ride on a beautiful night. The views of the skyline are my favorite in the city.

Erika then came to the city for a night and I took her to my favorite deck stop – Little Water Cantina on Eastlake. It was one of the first times this year that we’ve been able to spend time together 1:1, without family or friends around. Back during college, we would see each other almost weekly. I’d drive out to Los Angeles from Claremont and we’d grab dinner, go to church together or just spend time with each other. It was such an important time in our relationships as it we built a true friendship. Away from family dynamics and the memories of high school bickering, we got to know each other as individuals and truly opened up to each other – most often while sitting in traffic on I-405. It’s amazing how a childhood home or the presence of a family member can change a dynamic completely. And I didn’t realize the true importance of building that friendship until driving away from dinner a few weeks ago. We’d lost that weekly “friend” time and I found myself mourning her friendship after I dropped her back off at the ferry.

It’s easy to take family for granted, but those relationships are really the most important in life. Missing my sister-friend and wishing we lived just a bit closer.






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