Fall Escape to the Midwest

A few weeks ago I hopped a plane for a quick weekend jaunt to Minnesota to see my Dad. We both share a love of good hiking and good food – and the weekend offered a bit of both.

Saturday we head off on a hike, picked by its difficulty level out of a “best hiking in Minnesota” book – circa 1996. Likely because Minnesota lacks many hikes deemed “difficult,” we unexpectedly ended up driving to the exact same trail we had trekked to a few years back. Neither of us even realized it until we got to the parking lot, overcome with deja-vu. The trail offered views of the Mississippi River, open fields and a few miles of ups and downs along the hill side. While I love getting out to the countryside here, it does make you really appreciate the landscapes and hiking opportunities in the Pacific Northwest.



Sunday I saw a starkly different side of the city walking with a friend in downtown Minneapolis. The signs scattered throughout the industrial area seemed like they were picked straight out of an episode of Mad Men.




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