A Love Letter to Seattle


This past month I’ve felt myself reflecting on the past four years that I’ve lived in this city. I regularly have this internal debate where I feel almost guilty for loving my city so much, for not wanting to explore a new city and a new place. It’s not that I don’t love a good adventure – I can’t go more than a few weeks without a drive out to the mountains or a flight to another city. It’s that I’m feeling content to have Seattle as my home base.

I’ve also thought about why. It’s the little things really. Small, daily reminders that make me smile. And here they are:

1. The mountains. The Olympics, the Cascades, I have no favorites. But when I’m driving to work across I-5 or 520 and see snow capped mountains in the distance I look like a child that’s never been outside. I can’t. stop. staring.


2. The Water. Growing up on the Puget Sound you take water for granted. It’s just there. But, after living in California and India, the thing I missed the most was being surrounded by water. Seeing the ocean, lakes, the boats – it’s calming.


3. Discovery Park. A love letter to Seattle would not be complete without Discovery Park. It’s my happy place. I love it in the fog, even in the rain, but especially when the sun is shining. There is this spot (below) when you’re walking down to the beach. Every time I turn a certain corner of the trail and end up in this spot, I always stop in my tracks. The beauty is mind-blowing.


4. Green Lake. I love watching Green Lake throughout the seasons – it’s beautiful anytime, but especially beautiful at sunset. Recently I’ve been challenging myself to run there every Thursday (my work from home day) rain or shine. There is something freeing about getting outside, midday on a week day.

The people watching is also pretty amazing. My favorites regulars are the guy who always walks with the parrot on his shoulder, the guy who walks with the “Spanish lessons” shirt (and is usually giving a free lesson!) and the lady who pushes her obese bulldog in a stroller.


5. Winter Hiking. The grey gets annoying and the drizzly rain can be depressing. I know. But when the sun is shining on a January day and you’re hiking on a snow free trail, it feels pretty good to spend winter in our corner of the country. Take that polar vortex.


6. Ferry Boats. We get to island hop on ferry boats. Enough said.


7. Cherry Blossoms. I know they aren’t here yet, but they will be soon. And when the cherry blossoms start popping up all over the city, I go nuts.


With mad Seattle pride,

xoxo Jori


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