Lake Union Power Walking

While I’ve been to South Lake Union thousands of times, soaking in sunshine at South Lake Union park or kayaking in the warm summer water, it never really occurred to me to walk around the full lake. Until now. 

Sitting indoors on a sunny Sunday afternoon, I was inspired to plan an adventure and started poking around. I found this – Cheshiahud Lake Union Loop – a 6 mile loop that combines the Burke Gilman trail with a few paved paths (and a few parking lots) into a route with arguably the best views of the city. So with my favorite power walker in toe, we trekked out, soaked in sunshine and took in our beautiful city. We were only passed by one other couple who put our fast pace to shame. 

Cheers to impromptu adventures, old friends and sunny Sundays.

South Lake Union Park

Kenmore plans taking off from South Lake Union Park.

East Lake

Walking along Eastlake.

East Lake 3

Spring Flowers.

East Lake 2

Views from Gasworks.

Gasworks Park

Kite Hill at Gasworks.

Aurora Bridge

Aurora Bridge.


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